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Frequently Asked Questions




Is your school accredited?

SSNS has a Certificate of Approval from the Maryland State Board of Education and is licensed by the Maryland Department of Human Resources.

Do you have a discipline policy?
Yes. In a nutshell, we give children clear guidelines for respecting people and property. We help children communicate their needs as well as feelings. We talk with children about appropriate ways to resolve conflicts. Follow up conferences are held with the parent if the child repeatedly has difficulties.


Does the school provide transportation?
No. We encourage parents to arrange carpools and assist in this by providing membership lists to each family.


In an emergency, can I just call to say I cannot come on my co-op day?
No. You must arrange a suitable substitute.


Can I bring my infant when I co-op?

Unfortunately, no.


Can I bring my mandolin or my quilting?
Please do! Parents are encouraged to share their special talents. Do remember to share your idea with the teacher before you come to co-op.


My doctor has not filled out the health forms yet. Can my child attend school? Can I co-op?
NO. State regulations require that health and immunization forms for children as well as TB test results for cooping parents be at school before the child may attend.


Are you affiliated with the Unitarian Church?
No. We have rented space from the church for more than 35 years.


Is it ok to come in and stay for part or all of the morning if it is not my co-op day?

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